Three Left: Music Review

Three Left are an Independent Metal and Hard Rock band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. The band consists of Chadwick Davis – Vocals, Rich Czebotar – Guitar, Dan Beall – Guitar, Ron Hardcastle – Bass and John Miller – Drums.

Over the last couple of months, since I received four tracks from Three Left, I have listened to them and played them on Project Metal Across The Pond radio show several times, just to get a general vibe of what they sound like and to gauge what my listeners think of the band and overall the general consensus is pretty good. The listeners to the the show said that they liked the sound of the band and what they have done. I like the overall sound of the music that they were going for, and in places I detected a hint of Southern Rock.

Out of the four songs that that I have received from Three Left, I have found and liked every song. the songs are: Popular, Let Me Go, Stand Up and Whiskey Bent And Hell Bound. Every song is slightly different, some are heavier than others in the guitars, some are somewhat in the middle of the road, in a good way, as not everyone is into the total intensity of some of the more aggressive bands that are out there,

I could quite happily listen to these guys and play their music the my radio show on a regular basis. as Three Left guys deserve to be heard. I f you like the Hard Rock and Metal genres or want to hear a new band, go and check out Three Left on their Facebook page.

I would give Three Left and their music a 4.5 out of 5, these guys have created some really good music.

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