Kamikaze Zombie: Night of the Nuberous Album Review

Kamikaze Zombie are a Horror Punk, Punk, Thrash Metal, Stoner, Doom and Black Metal band from Birmingham, Alabama, USA. The band consists of Terry Quillen –
Drums, Steve Cater – Guitar, Clint Spain – Vocals and Guitar and Damon Dodd – Bass.

When I first got Kamikaze Zombie’s music the other week, I had to listen to it straight away, just to hear what they were like, and in the last week or so I have listened to the Night Of The Nuberous a few times, I left the album playing in the background, just to get the vibe of what their music sounded like, and from what I have heard I quite like, as they have that Thrash Metal and Punk vibe going on with a touch of Black Metal thrown in, which is a cool touch.

Over the last few years, the USA have started to produce a good number brilliant bands, and Kamikaze Zombie is one of those bands. After a few listens to the album, I have become a firm fan of Kamikaze Zombie. and their sound that they have created.

The songs that I liked or found interesting are: Manhunter, Eraser-Head, The Stone Giant, In The Mouth Of Madness, The Story Of Jane Doe, 1226, Death Rides A Horse, The Blood Countess and As The Moon Stares At Death. Some song titles that I noticed have been inspired by either movie or book titles or some of them are are based on actual historical events such as The Blood Countess.

Well, Kamikaze Zombie you have gained a fan, as I really like the sound that you have produced here on Night Of The Nuberous.

If you are looking for a new band with a different sound, you cant go wrong with Kamikaze Zombie, as these guys are really good, and I highly recommend that you go and check them out on their Facebook page.

I would give Kamikaze Zombie and their album Night Of The Nuberous a solid 4.5 out of 5, brilliant sound, brilliant album

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