Aeren: Breakthru Album Review

Aeren are an Alternative Rock band from Rome and Taranto Italy. The band consists of Silvia ‘Sunflower’ Galetta: Lead vocals, Simone D’Andria: Guitars, Simone Solidoro: Bass guitar – Keyboard and Cosimo ‘Cosmico’ De Marco: Drums.

Well, in the last few months, a lot of bands have sent music through to me for review and possibly even play on my radio show, and quite a few of those bands are from Italy. All of the bands that have come from Italy have been really good. Aeren is one of those bands that are really good.

When I started to listen to the Breakthru album, I was somewhat impressed with what the band that has done with the overall sound of the songs, and at first I wasn’t to sure about the singers vocals, but after a few more listens to the album, I thought, OK, her vocal style fits in really well with the style of the music.

The tracks that I found that I liked off the album are: Time Flux, Wrong Reactions, Shooting St, Breathe Of Air, Our Flaws, Lightheartedness, Don’t Fall Apart, In The Well and No Way For Crying. there is two tracks that are either a video edit or a full version. Bad Weakness is the video edited song and this song is more of the Pop Rock side of things but it is still is a good song. Breathe Of Air full version and like it shorter version it it is a good track.

Don’t Fall Apart, In Then Well and No Way For Crying are more of a slow melodic tracks which I like. Overall I really like Aeren and what they have done on their Breakthru album. and now I can say that I have become a fan of theirs, and can’t wait to hear more from them.After a few more listens, I can here some influences on the album and one of those influences I can detect is Paramore, especially with in the vocals.

If you like Alternative Rock genre or want to check out a new band, then Aeren is a band that you can get into. So I would recommend that you go and check out Aeren on their Facebook page.

I would give Aeren and their album Breakthru a solid 4 out of 5, overall I was pretty impressed with the album.

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