Earth Quake, Bad Boy Eddie and Jett Black: Live Show Review

Live Show Reviews:

Jett Black Band, Bad Boy Eddy and Earth Quake….
I had the opportunity to see this show on Saturday 9-Jun-18
(well almost all of it, more on that later). It was held at a local
(somewhat) bar in the San Francisco Bay Area named Vinnie’s
Bar & Grill, Vinnie’s is actually located in Concord, CA. and is a nice
small place (very common in the Bay Area) and I was pleasantly
surprised to see a larger stage here since my last visit…

To open up the show was Jett Black Band. As the name implies, they are
a Joan Jett & the Blackhearts cover band consisting of four members:
Adam on Bass, his wife, Karen is on Vocals & Guitar, Brad on the Drums
and finishing out the lineup Guitarist Rob. Having seen this local band
before, they didn’t disappoint. After having some major audio issues
with the sound system. (Not, usually an issue here). They decided to go
old school and just use the amps that they had on the stage, kind of like
playing in their garage to an audience in the driveway. All in all the
sound wasn’t bad, just had make sure you were standing out in front of
the stage to hear everything correctly. Their set list consisted of the
well-known hits: “ I love Rock & Roll”, “ I Hate Myself For…”, “Bad
Reputation” and a few others. They really had the crowd out there
dancing away….their set was cut a little short…
Still fun though…

After fixing the earlier sound issues:
Next up was Bad Boy Eddy…Hailing from the town of Antioch, CA. These
local mainstays are a Rockin’ five piece band that includes Eddy
Vega/lead vocals, Dave Saker/guitar, Steve Jones/Bass, Larry
Bernel/drums and rounding it out, is Rob Peterson on guitar.
This Bay Area veteran hard rocking band always put on an outstanding
show for their undying fan base. Tonight’s set included some old and
some new songs; they started off with “She Spits Venom” then into a
song they just finished shooting a video for titled, “Misery She’s Crazy”
They slipped back a little ways with “Living Lies” Followed by the fist
pumping “Super Sonic Freak” always a favorite with the crowd….
They ended up playing a total of nine songs in their set, which also
included: “Funky Monkey”, “She Gives Me a Feeling”, “Fever” and a
couple others to finish up the night… If you enjoy Old School and
maybe a little sleazy style of Rock & Roll you can’t go wrong listening to
Bad Boy Eddy….

This brings me to the disappointing side of the evening, if you
remember earlier when I said “almost all of it”…Because of prior
commitments I was unable to catch the performance by the
band…Earth Quake… I was able talk to their lead singer Johnny O’Dea
(wearing a Thin Lizzy t-shirt) about having to cut out early and told him I
would try and catch them next time…I did get a sneak peek at their set
list…don’t know if they played them all or not, but there were 15 songs
on the list!!! Definitely my loss…
As I wrap this up. I would like to encourage everybody to go out and
support local music. Most people don’t realize that these bands put in
at least 100 to 200 hours of practice to perform a 1 hour show for our
enjoyment. So, please get out there and S.L.U.T. (support local unsigned

See you after the next Gig….Cheers

By Jeff Mattarocci


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