Hadal: Painful Shadow Album Review

Hadal are a Dark Metal band from Trieste, Italy. The band consists of Alberto: Vocals clean, growl, scream, Teo: Bass, backvocals, Frank: Lead guitar, backvocals, Max: Rhythm guitar and Daniele: Drums.

Well, here is another band from Italy. From my initial listening of the album, this band from Italy is kicking it. Like I normally do when I first put on an album or EP, I play the music first just to see where the band is coming from, from a musical stand point, and Hadal is one of those bands that, on my first impressions seem to be pretty good.

After a few listens to the Painful Shadow album, I found that I enjoyed the album. The Painful Shadow album has eleven songs on it and the ones that I enjoyed ou found interesting are: Painful Shadow, The Shape of Lies, Dying Fall, Slow Violence, Illusion, Nocturnal, Land Of Grief, Black Flowers and White Shade. This could be just me as I could hear a touch of NWOBHM within some of the songs and if there is, it is a good touch to the tracks.

All Of the tracks have some brilliant riffs and shredding on them, the bass and drums are amazing as they help drive the songs along perfectly, and the vocals are on point, and are very atmospheric and they set the tone of what genre of music the band is going for Dark Metal. After listening to the Painful Shadow album a good few times again before I posted this review up, I have become a firm fan of Hadal, as they have a brilliant sound and I love the way they have written and performed the songs on this album. If you are looking for a new band or looking for a new genre of Metal to get into, Hadal is a band that you should check out. I would highly recommend that you go and check Hadal out on their Facebook page.

I would give Hadal and their album Painful Shadow a 4.5 out of 5, for a brilliant atmospheric album.

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