Runescarred: We Are EP Review

Runescarred are a Heavy Metal band from Austin, Texas, USA. The band consists of Ven Scott, Tim Driscoll, Payton Holekamp and Josh Robins.

When I first came across Runescarred, it was when I did a review and played Dead Earth Politics on my radio show Project Metal Across The Pond, and when I tagged the band in a post that I did for the show, I got on talking to Ven Scott, and he said to me that he has a new project called Runescarred as Dead Earth Politics had broken up. Which is a shame, because I did like Dead Earth Politics.

Now, Ven sent me the We Are EP over the other day and I didn’t have time to have a listen to it, as I was in the middle of doing me radio show, so (excuse the pun) here We Are. This three track offering is really good, as I was listening to it I could hear some Bruce Dickinson in the vocals from Ven. From the rest of the band, they are brilliant as they have brought the spirit of Heavy Metal genre from 80s bang up to date here.

The tracks are called A Darker Man, Ghost Ocean and This Is Mine. Out of the three tracks, Ghost Ocean and This Is Mine, I do like these songs quite a lot, to the point that they are fast becoming firm favourites of mine. A Darker Man I do like, but I wouldn’t say that it was a favourite, as it is bit on the slow side, compared to the other two, but it is still good and heavy.

Overall, I really enjoyed We Are EP and the songs that was on it, Runescarred are a brilliant band. So if you are a fan of the Heavy Metal genre and/or wanting to get into a band that is new, go and check Runescarred out on their Facebook page, as I highly recommend that you do.

I would give Runescarred and the We Are EP a definite 4.5 (possibly a 5) out of 5, I would love to hear more from these guys.

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