The Raz: The Raz Album Review

The Raz are a Blues Rock band from Columbia, South Carolina, USA. The band consists of Nick Meehan on Guitar, David Scott McBee on Vocals, Adam Shealy on Drums and Dale Raszewski (“Raz”) on Bass.

When I received the album The Raz from the band The Raz a few weeks back. I put it on just to have a listen to it, just to see what it is like, and in those couple of weeks I have become a fan of The Raz, so much so I have played them on my radio show Project Metal Across The Pond.

When I came to do this review I re-familiarized myself with the album, as it has been over a week since I last listened to the album in full. As I listened to the album, I have picked up on some of their influences such as B.B. King and Led Zeppelin.

The songs that grabbed my attention are: Black Garden, No One To Blame, Different Colored Leaves, Since I Lost You, 13 Years, My Woman, Mystery, No Surprise and What’s Real. On all of the tracks, there is some properly good riffs throughout each song, and have that gritty bluesy sound on the guitars and vocals. Different Colored Leaves and What’s Real is a slow songs, and have somewhat heaviness to them in parts, but they are really good songs to chill out to. Since I Lost You is certainly one of my favourite songs off the album, as it has that grittiness in the vocals and guitars and has that upbeat vibe within the drumming. Also it has some excellent riffage within the song.

Overall, I truly loved this album from The Raz, as I could quite happily listen to the album all day, as The Raz are superb musicians and writers. I would Highly recommend that you go and check out The Raz on their Facebook page.

I would give The Raz and their self titled album a solid 4.5 out of 5, Really like these guys and I want to hear more from them.

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