Triverse Massacre: Hades EP Review

Triverse Massacre are a Groove, Death and Thrash Metal band from Carlisle, Cumbria, UK. The band consists of Liam Stark – Vocals. Chris Kelsall – Guitars. James Graham – Guitars. Jason McEwan – Bass and Mike Collins – Drums.Triverse Massacre - Hades.jpg

Triverse Massacre is a band from Carlisle, and Carlisle is not that far from me, as they are just over seventy miles from my home city.

In the last few weeks, I have been receiving some amazing music from all over the world, but when a band from Carlisle sent me their Hades EP over, I was like OK, what you got. When I put the EP on, and started to listen to it, I was immediately impressed by it.Triverse Massacre.jpg

The first track off the EP is Cocytus, which is more of a orchestral offering and is a brilliant opener for the EP, as it sets up the rest of this offering up. Up next is Styx, Styx is more Thrashy in the overall sound of the track, and has the growl vocals over laid on the it, and this reminds me of Symphonic Death Metal, and it also reminds me of two bands Cradle Of Filth and Dimmu Borgir in its style.

Acheron is next, this track follows on from Styx, in its style which I like, as this has that thrashy vibe to it, but it has that more intense overture to it, like in the Death Metal genre. Lethe is up next, and this like the others, has that Thrashy edge to the song, it also has some brilliant drumming on the track.

The last track is Phlegethon, and it is in the same vein as the rest of the EP and this might be one of my favourites off the Hades EP, as it has that little bit more intensity than the rest of the EP.

When I looked at the song listings, I thought I recognized the titles, that’s when I thought I know these names, especially the song Styx, and all of these are related to Hades, Greek God of the Underworld. and when I did a little bit of research, all the song titles are rivers from Greek Mythology, and the most famous one is the River Styx, where the recently dead had to cross to get into the underworld.

If you are into Thrash or Death Metal genres, this band will peak your interest, and if you are looking for something new to get into, I would highly recommend that you go and check Triverse Massacre out on their Facebook page.

I would give Triverse Massacre and their EP Hades a 4.5 out of 5, for a brilliant offering.

Project Metal Music.

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