Fire Glass: Four Song Review

Fire Glass are a Rock and Metal band from Tucson, Arizona, USA. the band consists of Andrew (Vice)-Vocals, Daniel(Break)-Vocals, Matt Mier – Bass, CJ (Slade) Glenn – Guitar and Gabriel (Havoc) Jimenez – Drums.

When I got four songs from Fire Glass, I was OK, What have you got in store for me?, and when I put the tracks on, I was OK, these are pretty good, and are pretty catchy, especially in the vocals.

The first track that I listened to is Afraid Of The Dark. At first glance I thought that they did a cover of Iron Maiden’s Fear Of The Dark, but when I looked at the title again, I was like Oh, OK. The song is pretty good, as it has some sweet guitars and drums, and the vocals are on point, as they draw the listener into the song.

The next song that I listened to is Dead Weight. This track has a really catchy vibe to it as the vocals has that rap feel, as it makes you get up and have a bit of a dance, the guitars and drums go perfectly with the vocals on this track. Determined is next, like Dead Weight, the rap vocals carry on onto this track and it makes a proper catchy tune, plus I love the guitars on this track they really drive the song along really good.

The last track that I listened to is What Is Done Is Done, now this is a track that has a more slower vibe to it, but it is still good, as I like the vocalist on this as they compliment each other, going from the traditional style of Rock vocals and then to the more rap lead vocals.

Overall I really liked Fire Glass and what they have created. and I am interested in hearing in what else they have done. On Some of the tracks the vocalist that does the rap on the songs reminds me a little of Ice-T from Body Count.

If like the Rock and Metal genres, you will want to go and check out Fire Glass on their Facebook page, and I will be playing a couple of tracks of theirs on my radio show Project Metal Across The Pond.

I would give Fire Glass and the songs that sent me a 4 out of 5, these are good, and I would love hear more from them.

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