Jett Blakk: Rock Revolution Album Review

Jett Blakk are a Rock n Roll, Classic Rock band from Kansas City, Missouri, USA. The band consists of Tommy “The Law” Barton – Vocals, Frederick Jewsome – Bass, Bill Rounds – Guitar and J Smoke – Drums.

When I first heard of Jett Blakk, it was when they sent me the Rock Revolution album a few weeks back. So when I got around to listen to the album, I was like OK, this band and album has got something here.

As I went through the album, I have noticed on some of the songs that had that Southern Rock vibe with tracks such as It’s Time and Holy Grail. On some of the other tracks there is a Classic Rock vibe with such songs as It’s True and Caught Up In The Moment.

Well, I must say that Tommy “The Law” Barton has put together a brilliant band, that is Jett Blakk. With the band, there is a perfect blend of guitars, drums, bass and vocals on the Rock Revolution album. On the album, the songs that grabbed my attention are: the title track Rock Revolution, It’s Time, Holy Grail, Caught Up In The Moment, Pretend, Wild, Bed Of Memories, Cold and Life Goes On.

Rock Revolution and Wild are my favourites off the album as there is some sweet riffage, brilliant drumming and the vocals are amazing. With Rock Revolution it has that fifties vibe on the guitars as it has a Chuck Berry vibe going on, which I love. Overall I could quite happily listen to the Rock Revolution album all day, as the band has written a excellent album.

If you are into the Classic Rock and Rock n Roll genres, you will love Jett Blakk. I would highly recommend that you go and check out Jett Blakk either on their Facebook page or on their Website, as these guys a brilliant.

I would give Jett Blakk and their album Rock Revolution a 4.5 out of 5, loving the overall vibe of the album.

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