Greystone Canyon: While The Wheels Still Turn Album Review

Greystone Canyon are a Heavy Metal band from Melbourne, Australia. The band consists of Darren Cherry – guitar / vocals, Luke Wilson – drums, Rich Vella – guitar and Dave Poulter – bass.

In the last couple of years, ever since I started Project Metal Music, I have noticed that Australia have been quietly plugging away at producing some amazing bands, with such bands as Scoparia.When I got the While The Wheels Still Turn through the week, I have played the album a couple of times and I also played one or two tracks on my radio show Project Metal Across The Pond, and my listeners said to me that they liked what they heard.

I have listened to this album couple more times now and I must say that, I am glad that I have become even more of a fan of Greystone Canyon, as these guys have that something, don’t know what it is, but I do know that they have written a brilliant album.

The songs that have captured my attention off the While The Wheels Still Turn album are: Astral Plane, In These Shoes, Take Us All, River Of Fire, Path We Stray and The Sun Sets. All these tracks are really good and well worth a listen to. There are three tracks that are fillers, but they are properly good and set up and keep the album flowing, the first track is Keeping Company With The Dead, this is the opening track, and this sets up the album brilliantly. The next track is Cinco Cuerda Bandito this links In These Shoes and Take Us All perfectly. The last filler is Sombrero Serenade, this Spanish style track is amazing, as this sets the mood, to a degree, of the album, as the band have written an album about the wild west.

Overall, I really enjoyed the While The Wheels Still Turn album, and the Greystone Canyon have done an amazing job on this album.

If you are into the Heavy Metal genre you need to go and check out Greystone Canyon on their Facebook page, as you will not be disappointed.

I would give Greystone Canyon and their album a 4.5 out of 5, this has to be one of the best albums that has come out of Australia this year.

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