Ripped To Shreds: Mai-zang Album Review

Ripped To Shreds is a Death Metal band from San Jose, California, USA. The band consists of Andrew Lee who plays everything in the band.

In the last year or so, I have been listening to several radio shows and podcasts, and they have played some amazing bands that have come out of California, such as Idlewar and Boyce (who is also a one man band), and Ripped To Shreds is one of those bands that have made an impression on me and in the last couple of weeks, ever since I started to listen to the Mai-zang album it has grown on me and I have become a fan of Ripped To Shreds.

Over the last couple of weeks, as I have been listening to the album, in getting a general vibe for the album, I have played a couple of songs on my radio show Project Metal Across The Pond, and those songs have went down well with my listeners. The songs that I have enjoyed, liked and found interesting are: Craven Blood, Open Grave, Talisman to Seal the Hopping Corpse Before I…, Bone Ritual, Yellow River Incident 1938, Red Annihilation, God Worshipping Society and Black Seeds. All these songs have some amazing guitars, bass and drumming on them, and the vocals are on point.

Ripped To Shreds has definitely grew on me in the last few weeks, and I will play the band on a regular basis on my radio show in the future. If you are into the Death Metal genre or looking for a band that has something different to get into, go and check out Ripped To Shreds on their Facebook page.

I would give Ripped To Shreds and the album Mai-zang a 4.5 out of 5, this is a really good album

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