Krimson Kross: Kingdom Of Shadows Album Review

Krimson Kross is a Symphonic, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal band from Columbus, Ohio, USA. The band consists of Jeff Dbury (All instruments, vocals and co-writer) and Lizzie Dbury (co-writer of all songs, except track 8).

For over a year and a half, I have been listening to Jeff and Lizzie Dbury on their radio show The Rock Casserole on Digital Revolution Radio and in that time we have become really good friends, and this time last year they asked me to become part of the show, with a monthly segment called Project Metal Across The Pond, I jumped at the chance.

When Jeff and Lizzie told me that they were writing a concept album, and immediately I was interested what it was all about. When they told me what it was all about, it is a story of a man who one night, fell into a dream, or what he thought was a dream, and taken on a journey to the depths of hell. He was taken on this journey to show him, what it will be like for all of those who will end up there, including himself, if he didn’t change his ways. I was oh cool this is going to be great.

It was Lizzie who came up with mostly the whole story and the concept of the album and Jeff put the music to the story and he also did the vocals.

Now, the songs that really grabbed my attention are: Kingdom Of Shadows, Lost In A Dream, (Entering Into) The Realms Of Eternal Death, The Decent, The Inferno, The Ninth Circle and The Awakening. On this album I could hear some Rush and Maiden elements going throughout the album. All of the songs on Kingdom Of Shadows are brilliant and the story of the guy descending into the depths of hell is brilliant, Lizzie is amazing for coming up with the story and concept of the album and Jeff is awesome for putting this story to music. The last track off the album, Best Of All, isn’t related to Kingdom Of Shadows, but it was written for Lizzie by Jeff, and is really good.

As I have listened to this album a couple of times now and I must say that, they have done a brilliant job, from conception to the final offering. If you are into the Symphonic, Hard and Prog Rock/Metal you’ll gonna love Krimson Kross. I highly recommend that you go and check this band out on their Facebook pages and you can get the album as a download at their CD Baby page.

I would give Krimson Kross and the Kingdom Of Shadows a definite 5 out 5, awesome album done by awesome people.

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