The Rocket Dolls: Deadhead & None of This Is Right Singles Review

The Rocket Dolls are a Riff Rock band from Brighton, UK. The band consists of Nikki Smash – Vocals & Lead Guitar, Benji Knopfler – Drums & Backing Vocals and Joe Constable – Bass & Backing Vocals.

When I first heard of The Rocket Dolls, it was when they sent me the Deadhead & None of This Is Right singles through via email and I did play them on my radio show back at the beginning of April and here is a review of Deadhead and None of This Is Right singles.

As I played the two tracks when I first got them, I found that this band rocks hard. On both tracks they have got some major riffage going, it blows the mind. On None Of This Is Right, they have some gritty guitars which helps drive this song along brilliantly and the drums and bass are a perfect blend and also helps the song to move forward and I have found that I was starting to tap my foot to this song.

Deadhead is the next single that they sent me, and with this song like None of This Is Right, it has some brilliant musicianship from the band and some excellent riffage. For me, on this track the drums make the song, closely followed by the guitars.

If you love riff laden tracks and songs by bands out there, you will love The Rocket Dolls, I would highly recommend that you go and check out this awesome band from Brighton. You can find them on their Facebook page.

I would give The Rockets Dolls’ both singles 4.5 out of 5, both singles are brilliantly riff laden songs.

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