Expulser: The Unholy One Album Review

Expulser are a Death and Black Metal band from . The band consists of Alessandro Lima – Bass, Junior Espartano – Vocals, Vinicius Destroyer – Drums and Alex Evaristo – Guitars. Expulser is an interesting band, as they disbanded back in 2004 after a fifteen years, and the reformed back in 2015 with the original bassist.

When I first heard of Expulser a few month back, I did a review for their EP Fornications. The Unholy One is a pretty good offering from Expulser. I have said in previous reviews, I am a fan of Death and Black Metal, but not a big one, but i do find Expulser an interesting band, as they disbanded for a good number of year and then the original bassist reformed the band back in 2015.

ever since I started doing Project Metal Music back in July of 2015, I have come across a fair amount of bands that have come out of Brazil, and all of those bands have been brilliant, and Expulser is one of them.

On The Unholy One album their are some tracks that I not really keen on them, one of them is Praise To The Almighty God, the reason why i am not keen is the drums, as the drummer using the toms a bit to much for my liking. Saying that I do really like the rest of the songs.

The songs that I took a liking to are: Cirrhosis (Let’s Get Drunk), Bleeding At Cross, Fornications (At The Church), The Unholy One, Screams Of Delight, Christ’s Saga, The Evil Orgasm and Gore Pussy Of Virgin, the last three songs off The Unholy One is the three tracks off the Fornications EP (to find out what I thought of it click here). Overall I really enjoyed the whole album, and I will playing Expulser on my radio show in the future.

If you like the Black and Death Metal genres or if you want to listen to a band that you haven’t heard before go and check out Expulser on their Facebook page.

I would give Expulser and their album The Unholy One a 4.5 out of 5 a good album all round.

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