Courtesans And Death Blooms: Song Review


Courtesans are a Doom, Rock, Metal and Triphop band from London, UK. The band consists of Sinead Bales – Vocals, Saffire Sanchez – Guitar, Agnes D. Jones – Bass and Vikki Brown – Drums.

Death Blooms are a Metal band from Liverpool and Manchester, UK. the band consists of Ad Lucas, Giz, Mel Stewart and Paul Barrow.

When I got these two songs through the other month, I did listen to them a couple of times and even played the Courtesans’ song Feel The Same on my radio show. As I came to do this review of the two songs from Courtesans and Death Blooms, and I must say that both songs have grown on me.

Up first is the Courtesans’ song Feel The Same, now this song has that triphop pop vibe to it but it has the rock and metal overtone to it. On the metal pa

Death Blooms

rts of the song, it has an Evanescence feel to it, which I like as I am a big fan of Amy Lee. Overall the the song is well constructed and the band has written a really good song, and they also are really musicians.

Death Blooms are up next. Now, if you like the more Screamo side of Metal then, Death Blooms are your band. The song that they sent me is Last Ones, I am not really into the Screamo side of Metal, but the Death Blooms are pretty good, the track is heavily ladened with lots of cool riffs and brilliant drumming. There are two types of vocals on this song clean and screamo, I am not keen on the screamo, but on this song it works really well and I liked it.

Like I said at the beginning of this, both songs have grown on me, and I will be playing both songs on my radio show in the near future.

I would recommend that you go and check out both bands on their Facebook pages. Courtesans’ Facebook page. Death Blooms Facebook page.

I would give Courtesans and the Feel The Same a 4 out of 5 for a really good song.

I would give Death Blooms and the song Last Ones a 4 out of 5 for a decent song.

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