Revenant Dead : Heroes Without Villains Album Review

Revenant Dead are a Metal, Rock and Alternative band from Birmingham, UK. The band consists of West Addams – Vocals, Aydin Guner – Guitars, Theo Lawrence – Drums / Electronics and Corey Pyatt – Bass Guitar.

Now, Birmingham, UK, has a lot of history when it comes to Rock and Metal, it is the birth place and home to some heavy weights of the Rock and Metal genres, the juggernauts that have come out of Birmingham are Black Sabbath and Judas Priest (just to name a few bands), these bands shaped the Metal scene for decades and have influence a lot of bands across the world.

When I put on the Heroes Without Villains album I had high hopes from Revenant Dead, and as I listened to the album they didn’t disappoint. As I listened to the album, I could hear their influences of Disturbed, Slayer and Marilyn Manson in the songs, plus I could hear some Industrial Metal influence from Rammstein.

The eleven songs off the album, I found that I liked is all of them. The one song that stood out for me is Between The Lies, which is a duet, which I liked immensely. There is some amazing riffs and shredding on the album and this album is a must listen to album.

All the songs on Heroes Without Villains is a perfect blend of Metal genres. The album is well written and performed by the band.

If you like Industrial, Thrash, Metal and Rock mash up, you’ll going to like Revenant Dead, and I highly recommend that you go and check out this band from Birmingham, UK, as you will not be disappointed. You can find them on their Facebook page or on their Website.

I will be playing this band on my radio show, Project Metal Across The Pond on Digital Revolution Radio.

I would give Revenant Dead and the album Heroes Without Villains a 5 out of 5, A superb album from a superb band.

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