Axegressor: Bannerless Album Review

Axegressor are a Progressive Thrash Metal band Turku, Finland. The band consists of Johnny Nuclear Winter – throat,  Seba Forma – lead & rhythm guitar,  Aki Paulamäki – bass & backing vocals and Atte Mäkelä – drums.

When I received the Bannerless album from Axegressor, I wondered what it would sound like, as the band hails from Finland, and Finland is famed for the more extreme end of the Metal genre. As I put the album on I was surprised that it wasn’t as extreme as I thought it would be. The band are still on the extreme side with being a Thrash band, but not as extreme as some of their Finnish counterparts.

As I listened to the Bannerless album on and off over the past week, I totally like this band as I am very partial to the Thrash genre of Metal. The songs of the album I like the most or I found interesting are: In Safe Space No One Can Hear Your Scream, Ever Bending Spine, Bridges To Cross And Burn, Terminal Ignition, Igno Rant, Human Travesty, The Lethality Of Mediocrity, Barren Bloodline Worship, Truth Prostitute, Peace At Last (Armageddon) and Don’t Be An Asshole.

Human Travesty I found interesting the most, as this started of slow and really kicks in with the guitars and drums after a minute or so, and it is bordering on Speed Metal as well as Thrash, in its intensity. On the whole totally loved this album and I am glad the Axegressor sent me this album as it is brilliant, well written and performed by the band.

If you are into the Thrash and Progressive side of Metal, I would highly recommend that you go and check out Axegressor on their Facebook page to find out more about them.

I would give this band and their album Bannerless a 5 out of 5, Awesome album.

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