Phase, Firepuppets, The Junkoactive Wasteman and his Tinphonia and Star Cult: Gig Review

Over the Last few weeks, ever since I did an interview with Phase, I had waiting for this gig at the O2 Academy in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, as I was looking forward to it as I had seen Phase play live since last year. So when I got to the O2 Academy, I got on talking to Adam the drummer of Phase, about the interview that we did and what to expect from the gig.

As I went into the venue and was looking forward to not only seeing Phase, but three other bands that were on the bill.

Star Cult

When Star Cult came onto the stage, there was many people in the room, but they started anyway, I am glad that I managed to see this band, as I do like the Stoner, Doom vibe that they have going. This three piece band from Durham, UK, has a woman on bass and lead vocals, and two guys, one drums and one on guitar.

From that start to finish, Star Cult is a really good band, as they had good harmonies, tight musicianship. some of the tracks that they did were of the Stoner genre. One of the songs that they did was called The Beast, which was based on the Christopher Lee movie and still the best version The Wicker Man. As they came to the end of their set, they did Hawkwind’s classic (the one that Lemmy song vocals on) Silver Machine, and which they did a massively good job in covering the song.

The Junkoactive Wasteman And His Tinphonia

When I first heard of this guy, it was when I just finished doing the interview with Phase, (March 31st) I was packing up my gear and they were telling me that this guy was playing at the gig on Friday the 13th, I was OK that should be interesting to see. They were telling me that they guy performs on stage in recycled tin cans whilst playing the drums to a samples of other music. 

And when, on the night, he came on stage, I was like what the hell, what genre he did is Drum and Bass, but when I actually saw the guy’s performance, I was like Damn this actually works, he is amazing drummer and a brilliant entertainer as he got the crowd involved, he got the them involved inbetween the songs that he did. If you get the chance to go see this guy, go see him as he is brilliant.


When I first saw Firepuppets last year, when they support Phase, back then I wanted see these guys as they were pretty good. This time around I thought that have they improved, and they had improved. Overall, they had that grittier and edge to their sound. As they started their set, the crowd was a little apprehensive about them, but soon warmed up to them as they were moving more towards the stage, with a little encouragement from the lead singer/guitarist.

As they were nearing the end of their set the crowd was really enjoying them, as by the end the crowd was dancing to them.I would love to see these guys as they have impressed me even more at this gig.


When Thanos the lead singer of Phase contacted me a few weeks ago via Facebook, as I put the word out that I doing interviews with local bands, and he wanted to do an interview with me and Project Metal Music, so he organized Adam (Drummer), Vasilis (Guitarist) and himself, to meet at Bar Loco in Newcastle for the interview, and he was telling me after the interview about the gig on April the 13th, so he gave me a ticket for it, and so I went, as I really like Phase, as they have a brilliant sound.

As they started their set, they did a couple of songs from the In Consequence album, and then went on to do a song from their latest EP, Point Of You, which is a five track remix EP of the song Point Of You.

The set went on Thanos had a bit of a banter with the crowd in between the song, and in one of these little breaks he announced that one of the fans of the band was her birthday, he dedicated the following song to her, and she was shocked and overwhelmed at the same time that the band dedicated a song to her.

When they neared the end of the set, the crowd were starting to dance, actually more to the point when the last song was started, the crowd started a mini mosh pit, with about seven to eight people. Some of the crowd weren’t used to seeing a mosh pit, and one or two people crashed into them, so they had to get out of the way, which was fair enough as, like I said they weren’t used to be in a middle of a pit. It is overall good to see a pit at a gig, and the crowd loved it. As Phase came off stage the crowd was shouting for an encore, and Thanos was hoping to get back on stage to do one, but the O2 said no as it was way past the time that they were allowed to be on, so the crowd and the band were disappointed that there was no encore.

Well, overall I thoroughly enjoyed the gig at the O2 Academy, and I would highly recommend to anyone to go and check these band out on their Facebook pages or if you get the chance to see these guys live go see them as all of these bands are brilliant.

I would give:

Star Cult a 4.5 out of 5

The Junkoactive Wasteman a 4 out of 5

Firepuppets a 4.5 out of 5

Phase a 5 out of 5

All of these bands are brilliant so go and check them out

Project Metal Music

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