Queen Zee, Hivemind, and Honeymoon Killers: The Mining Institute, Newcastle, Gig Review

When I heard about eight days back that Hivemind were playing at The North Of England Institute Of Mining And Mechanical Engineering in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK, I was like OK, it’s on a Thursday, but that’s when I do my radio show. I was in two minds to go and see them, on one side I hadn’t seen Queen Zee and Honeymoon Killers, but on the other I didn’t want to miss doing a live show, but when I spoke to the owner of Digital Revolution Radio (the station where my show is broadcast on), she said to me after I explained that I was interested in going to this gig, she basically said Don’t worry, go to the gig we can replay one of your shows whilst you are at the gig. I was relieved that I could get to the gig, whilst the station owner was more than willing to support me in going to the gig to report on some new bands that I haven’t heard of or seen before.

The day before the gig, I asked Hivemind if they were up to doing an interview before they went on stage, and they agreed. So when the day came, I got my mobile studio together and went to Newcastle for the gig. Like I normally do, I got there early. So the doors opened and went in, met up with Hivemind and did the interview with them, the interview will be broadcast on April 19th 2018 on my show Project Metal Across The Pond on the Digital Revolution Radio.

As I was in the middle of doing the interview with Hivemind, the first band came on and you can some of it in the background. When I finished the interview, I quickly packed up and and made my way into the room where the bands were playing.

Honeymoon Killers

This band are from Bedlington and Blyth in Northumberland UK, they are a Rock N Roll with an alternative twist. When I got back into the room, I managed to check most of their set and from what I did see of them, they were pretty good. It is also good to see that more women are coming to be in rock and metal bands, not only being lead vocalists, but playing instruments, Like in Honeymoon Killers as the drummer is a woman.

When they finished their set, I thought to myself, These guys have impressed me enough to go and see them again.


Well, what can I say about Hivemind, everytime I see them they keep getting better and better. As they started their set, there was quite a few people watching them, and as they went through the songs that they did people were appreciating them.

The songs that they did were (what I can remember, I could really see in the room as it was pretty dark and could see to write down the tracks) Sweet Sixteen, Velvet Thunder, Riot Envy, and they did a rendition of The Cranberries’ Zombie, over the years and more recently since the death of Dolores earlier in the year, I have heard a lot of versions of Zombie, some were good some were not so good, but Hivemind’s version of Zombie was brilliant, as they poured their heart and soul into this song, like the rest of their songs.

I will be playing the interview that I did with Hivemind first on my radio show on Thursday April 19th 2018 only on Digital Revolution Radio, then the next day Friday April 20th 2018 I will be uploading it to Project Metal Music’s YouTube Channel.

Queen Zee

When I first heard of Queen Zee, it was about a week before the gig, and I managed to see a couple of videos that they did, and they caught attention.

As they came on stage, I was wondering they were going to be live, and they didn’t disappoint, from the off they were in your face, as their first song was a cover of Electric Six’ Gay Bar, which they did a good job of it. As they went through their set the crowd were loving what they were doing. The lead singer was moving in the crowd and interacted with them. He even started to dance with them, as he said You’ve heard of the Wall Of Death, we’re going to do the Wall Of Love, this was good see as the singer is a brilliant entertainer as he knew how to interact with the crowd.

As their set came to a close, the crowd enjoyed themselves.

Overall, the gig was brilliant, and I would like to see the bands again. I would highly recommend that you go and check all these bands out, they all have Facebook pages.

Honeymoon Killers, I would give a 4 out of 5

Hivemind, I would give 5 out of 5

Queen Zee, I would give a 4.5 out 5

Project Metal Music


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