Malacoda: Ritualis Aeterna EP Review

Malacoda are a Dark Melodic Metal band from Oakville, Ontario, Canada. The band consists of Lucas Di Mascio – Vocals/Bass/Keys, Cooper Seldon – Guitar, Daniel Alonzi – Guitar and Michael Farina – Drums.

Now, Malacoda is yet another awesome band that is from Canada. I don’t know what Canada is putting in the water, but like in previous reviews that I have done for bands that come from Canada, that the country is producing some brilliant bands, and they should be proud that there is so much talented people there.

When I put the Ritualis Aeterna EP on, and I was listening to it just to get a basic feel of it before started writing this review. This has a definite Melodic Metal feel to it, but it has a Goth and Symphonic Metal feel to it as well, also there is a hint of Prog mixed in.

As I have listened to this EP several times, I have come to the conclusion that Malacoda has produced an amazing EP, as it well written and performed by the band. The tracks that I really like off the six song Ritualis Aeterna EP are: Penny Dreadful, I Got A Letter, Pandemonum, The Wild Hunt and There Will Always Be One. All of the songs that I listed have that I have found, have that something to them, such as epic guitars, brilliant orchestral arrangement, the drums are one point, and the vocal are amazing.

Overall, I found that, Malacoda is one of those bands that I eagerly await what they come up with next. I would Highly recommend that you go and check out Malacoda on there Facebook page and YouTube Channel.

I would give Malacoda and their EP Ritualis Aeterna a 4.5 out of 5, for a pure epic EP

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