Father Befouled: Desolate Gods Album Review

Father Befouled are a Death Metal band from Illinois and Georgia. the band consists of J. Stubbs – Guitar/Vocals, R. Spencer – Bass Guitar, D. Goulding – Guitar and W. Satantopoulos – Drums.

Well, since I discovered the Death Metal genre some 25+ years ago, I have listened to quite a lot of it, more so in the last few years, ever since I started Project Metal Music back in 2015. Now, I am not the biggest fan of Death Metal, But I am a fan of it. When Father Befouled sent their Desolate Gods album through, I was OK, what have you got for me. so I put it on and I was pretty thrilled to hear a really good album.

I have listen to the Desolate Gods album a good few times now, and tracks that I like off this eight song offering are Offering Revulsion, Mortal Awakening, Exalted Offal, Ungodly Rest, Divine Parallels, Vestigial Remains and Desolate Gods. All of the tracks were amazing, as I loved how they wrote this album and how they performed the songs. Loved the use of the guitars, drums and the vocals, as they all are superb.

Like I said earlier, I am not the biggest fan of Death Metal, but I am a fan of it, and these last few years, I have come to appreciate the genre more, and I am getting into it a lot more since I started PMM, as there is a real good amount very talented musicians out there, and Father Befouled are in that category of talented musicians.

Now, I highly recommend Father Befouled to anyone who likes the Death Metal genre or to anyone who is looking for something more extreme in their music choices as this band is really good. Go and check this band out on either Facebook page or on their website for more information.

I would give Father Befouled and their album Desolate Gods a solid 4.5 out of 5 for a brilliant album.

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