PussyWillowFurryVenus & Creature: The Legacy, Sunderland Gig Review

Well over the last two years, I have seen PWFV fourteen times and last night was my fifteenth time. The gig that I went to last was held at Legacy Bar on Park Lane in Sunderland, UK. When I found out that PWFV were play at the Legacy a month or so ago, I was like OK, need to go this. As I haven’t seen PWFV in a while I had to go and see them again.

This time around PWFV was supported by a grunge band called Creature. I have seen creature before, and the last I saw them was when they supported PWFV.

Like I normally do, I got to the Legacy early, I normally get there early just to gauge how many people were going to be there and there was a good few people there. As I was waiting for the bands to come in to set up and start the gig. After they all set up it was time to start the gig.


Up first was Creature. Now, when I saw these the last time they were in Sunderland they play at the Legacy, I found that they were really good, but this they were even better. They did some of the tracks from their last time in Sunderland. As they were going through their set, I noticed that there was a good few people for their set, and they were enjoying it.

Now the last time I saw them near the end, they play 20th Century Boy by  T-Rex, this time they played it as their last track of the night, and when I heard it this time around they were even better, as this grunge outfit made it sound brilliant. When the last note of 20th Century Boy ended, I was like, Damn, play one more song, but alas no, that was it and they came off stage and made way for PWFV.


PWFV is one of my favourite bands from Sunderland, UK. as I have been following them for a good two years now. When I found out that they were playing the Legacy, I had to go and see them. Well, it might of been a while since I last saw them and in that time the drummer left, and was replaced by Matty Gibbs. The Legacy was his second official gig behind the skins and throughout the set he was really good, as he brought something new to the band.

As they went through their set they done some of their classic tracks from The Slag That Fell To Earth, such Black Dahlia, In Doom, etc and they also did the crowd favourite Sticky Vicky. Plus they also done Snake Head Bitchtits and my favourite off their new album and new single Wisdom Of The Slave. I must say that there was a really good turn out for their first hometown gig of the year.

Now, the day before the gig was to start I asked the singer Steph if I could do a recorded interview with then and she agreed to do it. So, a big thank you to Steph and Rob for doing the interview, it was very much appreciated.

I will be broadcasting the interview with PWFV’s Steph and Rob on the Project Metal Across The Pond radio show on Thursday (March 15th 2018) between 4pm – 7pm EST (USA time) 8pm – 11pm (UK time). You can catch the show on Digital Revolution Radio. If you can’t make the show, the interview will be made available to listen to on Project Metal Music’s YouTube Channel on Friday (March 16th 2018).

If you are new to the blog and looking for a new band(s) to check out go to their Facebook pages and give them a like. PWFV and Creature.

Project Metal Music

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