Essence Of Datum: Nevermore Album Review

Essence Of Datum are an Instrumental Metal band from Minsk, Belarus. The band consists of thin strings (Guitars) – Dmitry Romanovsky, thick strings (Bass) – Alex Melnikov and membranes (Drums) – Pavel Vilchytski. And there is a couple of Guests Musicians: Nikita Metelski – saxophone and Alex Dzemidzenka – percussion.

When I have thought back, over the last 40 years or so, I haven’t really heard any music of any genre that has come from Belarus. The only real time that i have heard of music coming out of Belarus was when they were in the Eurovision song contest. Anyway with that said, Essence Of Datum is the first band from Belarus that I have actually sat down and listen to.

Like I always do when I listen to a band for the first time, I always listen to whatever they send me, whether it is an EP or album, I tend to listen to it a good few times before I start doing a review, this way I can get a general idea of what the band is like and to get the general idea of what I am going to write about. When It came to the Nevermore album by Essence Of Datum, I was like OK, this is interesting, a pure instrumental album, but its nothing new, as it has been done before in the past. When I got to the end of the album I was becoming a fan of the band, they have definitely gotten that edge that I like, with the thunderous drums, plenty riffs and shredding on the guitars and the bass is brilliant.

The tracks that I have found that I liked are: Satellites, Animal, HexiDecimal, AuroraÑ, Blodern, Thorns and Omens. On the whole, the album of eight tracks is brilliant, and I truly loved it, where on most of the track have been some brutal shredding on such tracks as Blodern, and also there has been tracks like AuroraÑ where you can chill out to it.

Well Essence Of Datum you have made yourself a new fan today, as I liked what I heard on the Nevermore album. If you are new to the genre of Instrumental Metal and are wanting to listen to a band that is easy to get into, I would highly recommend that you go and check out Essence Of Datum either on their Facebook or Bandcamp pages for more information.

I would give this album and band a definite 4.5 out 5, for showing me that Belarus rocks!!

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