Decatur: Badder Than Brooklyn Album Review

Decatur are a Metal band from Toronto, Canada.

Now, over the last few years, I have come across so many Canadian bands, and Decatur is one of them. there is a long list of Canadian bands that have burst on the scene, and when Decatur sent me the Badder The Brooklyn album, I was OK, I hope this band doesn’t let Canada down. They haven’t.

After good a few listens to the album, I must say that Decatur have created a style of their own, blending old school Hard Rock and Metal seamlessly, and to put a modern twist on it.

On this album there is ten tracks. On the album there is some amazing guitars, and the drums are awesome and they help to drive the songs along perfectly, the bass is brilliant and the vocals are superb.

The songs that I found that really enjoyed are Internal War, Into The Night, Vegas Girl, I like this song as it has that bluesy vibe to it. Worst Enemy, this track is in the similar vain as the previous tracks with the guitars, which is really good, Badder Than Brooklyn, Tear You, Abaddon, Shatterproof and Internal War pt 2, all of these tracks are amazing especially the Internal War pt 2,where it is an instrumental and on that there is some awesome riffs and shredding.

Over the last few years, since I started Project Metal Music, I have fast becoming a huge fan of the Rock and Metal bands that are coming out of Canada, and Decatur is one of those bands that have made me a fan of the music that is coming out of Canada. If you are a fan of Canadian Rock and Metal or just looking for something new, I would highly recommend that you go and check out Decatur on their Facebook and Spotify pages.

I would give Decatur and their album Badder Than Brooklyn a 4.5 out of 5, for some amazing riffage and shredding on the album.

I will be playing, over the coming weeks some of their music on my radio show, Project Metal Across The Pond, on the Digital Revolution Radio station

Project Metal Music

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