Dustin Behm: The Beyond Album Review

Dustin Behm is a Progressive Metal guitarist from 06 Genesis.

Now when I got The Beyond album through from Dustin Behm, I was like, OK, out off all the music that I receive via email, it has been damn good. So I was quite curious to what Dustin Behm had come up with. I put on the album and Damn this is good.

The Beyond is an instrumental offering and over the course of the album, I found that Dustin is an awesome guitarist and musician. with every track that I listen to is better than the last.

All of the track on The Beyond album are amazing, and since I put this album on I haven’t stopped listening to it. There has only been a handful of albums and EP’s in the last couple of years, that have been sent to Project Metal Music, that have made me listen to them all day, the Beyond is one of those albums.

The tracks that really took my attention are: Mechanization, Poltergeist, Alien Voodoo, Interdimensional Traveler, The Beyond, Genesis, Rituals, Descent Into The Unknown, Haunted Labyrinth, Obelisk, Awakening and Towers Of Glass. All the off are properly good and I truly love this album, the guitars on this were breath taking and you could tell that he is a brilliantly talented guitarist.

I loved this album because, after I did a bit of research, Dustin Behm, not only did he write everything, he actually played all the instruments and he also mixed and mastered the album as well.

If anyone likes Instrumental albums, primarily Progressive Metal, then Dustin Behm’s album The Beyond is right up your alley, as this album is brilliant. I would highly recommend that you go and check out Dustin Behm on his Facebook and YouTube pages.

I would give Dustin Behm and The Beyond a 5 out of 5, superb album

Project Metal Music

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