Drive The Day: Freedom Over Fear Album Review

Drive The Day are an Indie Rock band from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The band consists of Joe Laisi (Lead Guitar/ Backing Vocals), Keith Maurice (Lead Vocal/ Rhythm Guitar), John Turnbull (Bass), Floyd Cole (Bass Guitar/ Backing Vocals) and Barry Rakewich (Rock & Roll Drums/ Percussion).

When I put Drive The Day’s Freedom Over Fear album on, I was thinking when I was listening to it, that this band is really good. I first came across them on Digital Revolution Radio, as I usually listen to a show on there called The Breakfast Binge, but when Drive The Day sent me the album over, here’s me thinking I know this band, as heard on on the radio.

This is the first real chance for me to sit down and listen to the band and as I sit here listening to them, I did a little bit of research on the band, and I noticed that they come from Edmonton, Canada. Well, I have said it in some past reviews and I will say it again, Canada has raised their game and has been producing some amazing bands as of late, especially with bands such as Motion Device, Bedrokk, Striper, King Ring Nancy, Uncle Sid, just to name a few bands that have been waves.

Since I started Project Metal Music back in 2015, I never really paid much attention to music coming out of Canada, but these last few years, prior to 2015, I basically written off Canada from a music stand point, but since 2015, Canada as a whole basically turn around and made me pay attention to the music scene there, and I was so glad that I did pay attention, as I have come to be a fan of the Rock and Metal bands that have been coming out of the country.

Now, Drive The Day, I have listened to the album a couple of times and I can hear a slight Southern Rock influence throughout the album, which I like, I am not a huge fan of Southern Rock, but Drive The Day have done a great job in incorporating it into their overall sound.

On Freedom Over Fear album there are a good few tracks that I liked, they are: My Last Days, Take It All, Give Up On War, What Are You Waiting For, Lucky Ones and These Words. The album is brilliant, as it has some amazing guitars and drums on it. The vocals are on point as it fits the genre of Rock that the band are in.

If you are looking for a new band to get into and you like the Rock genre, I recommend that you go and check out Drive The Day on their Facebook page, as they are well worth a listen to.

I would the band and their album a 4.5 out of 5, as they have created an excellent album.

Project Metal Music

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