Domgård: Ödelagt Album Review

Domgård are a Black Metal band from Gothenburg, Sweden. The band consists of Vindkall – Guitars, synth & vocals, Mardröm – Guitars & vocals, Hrimner – Drums & vocals and Askr – Bass & vocals.

When Domgård sent me their album Ödelagt, and the read the biography of the band, I was, OK, they are a Black Metal band from Sweden, I am not the biggest fan of the genre, but I am a fan of it for the last 25+ years, and I do like it. In a previous review, I said that I took a 10 year break from the Black and Death Metal genres, until a friend of mine reintroduced me to the genres back 2006, and that rekindled my exploration of the genres over the last 12 years.

Since I started Project Metal Music back in 2015, I have listened to a lot of Black Metal, and the majority have been absolutely brilliant, and Domgård is one of those bands that are really good.

Well, when I put on the Ödelagt album, I was wondering what to expect from the band, and I wasn’t disappoint in what I heard. This album is brilliant from start to finish, it has pretty much everything you’d expect from a Black Metal band. The tracks that I have found that I have been drawn to are: Niþanvarþa is the first and is the intro to the album and is only one minute fifty seconds long, but this sets up the album brilliantly. Svartdjupets Lockelse, Töckenhöljt, I Geirröds Hall, Aldar Røkkr, Ödelagt, Lögr Óðreris – Urblodets Trollmakt, Grottkvinnans Hemlighet I have this track interesting, as it a slow track, with some brilliant guitar work on it, and is a world away from the usual heaviness of the Black Metal genre.

At the beginning of Sejdmannens Förbannelse, it follows on from track nine with the acoustic guitars, but it goes straight into heaviness. Förgånget I like this track as it is sixteen minutes long and it is brilliantly written and performed by the band. The last track off the album is Ødhe Vi, this track is nearly six minute outro and is brilliant way to finish off the album, as it is very atmospheric in it design.

As I finished listening to the album, I properly enjoyed listening to it, as the band has written a superb album. You can find Domgård on their Facebook and Bandcamp pages, and I highly recommend that you go and check them out.

I would give Domgård and their album a 4.5 out of 5. A superb album.

Project Metal Music.


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