Dark Hound: Dawning Album Review

Dark Hound are a Metal band from Nashville, TN, USA. The band consists of ET Brown – Vocals/Bass, Evan Hensley – Guitars, Preston Walls – Guitars and Josh Brown – Drums.

When people have a discussion about which city or country produces what genre of music. For example Norway, Sweden and Finland are famed for the Black and Death Metal genres. The UK and the USA have a mixture of a lot of genres, but when it comes to certain cities, such as Nashville in Tennessee, USA, anyone who is a fan of music in general would say that Nashville is the capital of Country music.

Over the years I have come to appreciate that not everything that you assumed about a place is necessarily true. For me, this is true for Nashville. I have learned years that, yes Nashville is the Country music capital of the world, but also it has a thriving community of musicians that are into other genres of music, and Dark Hound is one of those group of people who are carving out a career in the Metal genre in Nashville.

Well, when Dark Hound sent me their Dawning album, and I did a little research on where they were from etc, I knew that Nashville had other genres of music there, so I put the album on and I started to listen to it, I would say I was completely surprised by it, but I was somewhat glad that Dark Hound went down the Metal genre route, and show that Nashville is not just about Country, and it has more to offer on the music front.

As I listened to the Dawning album, the tracks that I found I was rocking out to was The Ashes Of Your Worth, Guilt Tripper, Carnival Of Youth, The Answer, Crisis Of Hope, Thrown To The Wolves, Stripped Away, The Jagged Edge, Thrashgasm and Here Lies Truth. All of these songs have some amazing guitar riffage and shredding, the drums and bass are brilliant as they help drive the songs along at a thunderous pace. and the vocals fit perfectly. All of the tracks are really good and I really enjoyed the album as I rock out to it on several occasions, when I written this article.

There are several songs that are my absolute favourites, they are Stripped Away, I was surprised by this one, as it started out with some acoustic guitars and then band it delves straight in to a brilliant metal song with the guitars. Thrown To The Wolves, as this is bordering on the real heavy, which I love.

All the tracks on the Dawning album are either good or brilliant, as the band have written an awesome here. and I would highly recommend that you go and check out Dark Hound on their Facebook page for more information.

I would give Dark Hound and the Dawning album a definite 4.5 out of 5, for getting me to rock out to a brilliant album.

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