Dark Avenger: The Beloved Bones: Hell

Dark Avenger are a Heavy Metal band from Brasília, Brazil. The band consists of Mario Linhares – Vocals, Hugo Santiago – Guitar, Glauber Oliveira – Guitar, Gustavo Magalhães – Bass Guitar and Brendon Hoffmann – Drums.

Well, here is another band from Brazil that are absolutely brilliant, they are up there with other Brazilian bands such as Sepultura, Brutallian Cavina, just to name but a few of the bands that have come out of Brazil especially the latter two Brutallian and Cavina.

Usually when I put on any album or EP, I tend to listen to it in the background, at first, just to get an initial feel for it. When I first listened to The Beloved Bones: Hell last week, when I was putting the Project Metal Across The Pond radio show, I was rocking to it the album, I had to play Dark Avenger on last weeks show. and I have been rocking out to the band on and off for the past week, and when I came to confirm what I was playing, I had to put them on the playlist.

As I came to do this review, I was like, OK, this band is awesome, as all of band are superb musicians, they have written a brilliant album and they know how to get the most from the respective instruments.

On this album there are eleven tracks and out of those tracks that I found interesting, good or downright awesome, they are: The Beloved Bones, this might start out with some violin, but the epicness kicks in with some amazing guitars and drums, plus this has some epic choir backing vocals on this as this gives the vibes of Symphonic Metal. Smile Back To Me, this track has that Power Metal vibe to it, as I can hear some Kamelot in there, and the riffs and shredding are really good on this.

King For A Moment is another track that I found that I liked, as this has the intensity of the mid eighties metal, like such bands like Iron Maiden. The riffage on this track is superb. This Loathsome Carcass is next, on this I totally loved the drumming on this, to me, the drumming is what drives this song along, the guitars add that something to this track, that the overall sound is perfect, plus I loved the tubular bell touch throughout the song.

Parasite is up next and this continues the theme with the Choir, totally loved this as it is a downright in face, takes no prisoners Metal track. Breaking Up Again is an interesting track for me, as this track has some really good riffs and good shredding on the guitars and the vocals are on point.

Empowerment is next, this follows on from the previous tracks with the tubular bells throughout the song. Nihil Mind and Purple Letter are good track and these have some amazing riffs, but they are not my favorites off the album, but still good tracks.

Sola Mors Liberat is somewhat dark, and it puts me in the mind of this song being in the same vain as Phantom Of The Opera with Dire Straits’ Brothers In Arms mixed in especially on the guitars and on the vocals. When Shadows Fall follows in the same vain from Sola Mors Liberat, it has that slow acoustic tone with a string section of an orchestra accompanying on the track.

Well, after I gave this album even more a listen to, I must say that this album gets better and better the more times that you listen to it. On the whole,I loved this album from start to finish, OK, granted, I there are a couple of tracks that I wasn’t to sure about, but they were still good. Anyways, I would highly recommend that you go and check out Dark Avenger on their Facebook page, as you will not regret it.

If I have time, I will play some more Dark Avenger on this week’s Project Metal Across The Pond, which you can Hear It Loud & Clear on Digital Revolution Radio.

I would give Dark Avenger and The Beloved Bones: Hell album a 4.5 out of 5 as this has to be ONE of the best Heavy Metal albums that I have heard in the two and a half years since I started P.M.M.

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