Canyon Of The Skull: The Desert Winter Album Review

Canyon Of The Skull is a Doom band from Austin, Texas, USA. The band consist of Erik Ogershok: Guitars, Bass and Adrian Voorhies: Drums, Percussion.

When I was having a look at this band and was setting up to do this review, I put The Desert Winter on, I was thinking OK, this is one track, but its at 37 minutes long, after a little investigation it is a 37 minute track, and it is an amazing piece of work, and in a way hypnotic.

I have listen to The Desert Winter a couple of times now, and I really enjoyed the way that they constructed this epic song, as I really like the drums and guitars, especially the guitars as this track has some major riffing and shredding on it.

As I listened to this, I was thinking about other bands that have done something similar, as in one track albums or tracks that are over 20 plus minutes long, and I came to realize that Canyon Of The Skull are in good company. The bands that sprang to mind were Rush with 2112, Marillion with This Strange Engine with one version coming in at over 30 minutes, and Motion Device’s The Infinite Wave.

If you are into the Doom genre, I would highly recommend that you go and check out Canyon Of The Skull on there Facebook page, as this band is brilliant.

I would give Canyon Of The Skull a 4.5 out of 5 for the epic ass track The Desert Winter

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