Black Road: Black Road EP Review

Black Road are a Stoner Doom band from Chicago, Illinois, USA, The Band consists of Suzi Uzi (vox/lyrics/piano), Tim M. (guitar), Casey Papp (bass) and Robert Gonzales (drums).

Over the last few days I have listened to a couple of bands that are in doom vain, and those doom bands have been really good, and Black Road is one of those bands, after my first initial listen to the EP, are good.

The tracks on the Black Road EP are: From Hell, Bloody Mary, Morte, Morte (coda), Red and Black Rose. The tracks that I found that I liked, found interesting or being downright good are: From Hell is a brilliant track to kick off the EP as it has the brilliant riffs that is associated with Doom and with Suzi Uzi on vocals, she adds that gravitas to the song.

Bloody Mary is more of up tempo song and still fits in the Doom genre really well with the distorted guitars, there is some amazing shredding on this track, and again Suzi Uzi’s vocals are on point. Morte is a primarily a piano track, but it has an acoustic guitar accompanying it, this arrangement I found was interesting, when Suzi Uzi was playing the piano.

Red is another track that I liked, as reminded me some what of Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath in the riffs and shredding. Black Rose is the last track off the EP and is the longest song, coming in at over ten minutes long, I really like this song, not only for its length, but the guitar work that Tim provides, plus on this track, there is a hint of Prog Rock, with a Doom underlay and some really good riffs.

As listened to the Black Road EP a good few times, I have become a fan of Black Road, as they have created something here that is properly good and any music lover should check out. I recommend that you go and check out Black Road on their Facebook page. At some point in the near future, I will feature Black Road on Project Metal Across The Pond radio show on Digital Revolution Radio station.

I would give Black Raod and their EP a 4.5 out of 5 for a kick ass EP.

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