Beldam: Pasung EP Review

Beldam are a Doom and Sludge Metal and are from, Seattle, Washington, USA. The band consists of Randall: Vocals, Grahm: Guitars and Cullen: Drums.

Now, as I was listening to the Pasung EP, I did a little research on the band, now I could hear the Doom coming through, but when they said that they were a Sludge metal band as well as a Doom metal, I was thinking, I haven’t of the heard of the genre of Sludge, and I thought I have listened to the majority of Rock and Metal and its sub genres, because I have been listening to them for the last 40 years, but in that time I have came across the Sludge Metal genre before. I might have done and I didn’t realize, but this is the first band that has come under the banner Sludge, that I took notice of.

Well, after a few listens to the Pasung EP, I must say that this band is pretty good. There are six tracks on Pasung, and out of those six tracks, the ones that I found interesting or down right good are Sunken Sorceress, Shed The Coil, One From The Stable, Carrion Feast and That Which Consumes You.

On One From The Stable, this is where you can really hear the influences of Black Sabbath etc, in the guitars and drumming. Also this track is over eleven minutes long. Carrion Feast is a track that you can hear the Doom elements, with the combination of the pounding drums and distorted and heaviness of the guitars, and coupled that of the growling vocals its a perfect blend. That Which Consumes You, is the second longest track off the EP at nine and a half minutes. This track is Doom at its best, with its sheer heaviness throughout the song.

As I have listened to this EP a good few times, these guys from Seattle are really good at what they do. I would recommend anyone who loves the Doom Metal genre or someone who is looking for a new band to get into, to go and check out Beldam on their Facebook page.

I would give Beldam and the Pasung EP a 4.5 out of 5, for bringing me to a new genre of Metal Sludge.

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