NACARBIDE: Lots Of Eyes Album Review

NACARBIDE are a Heavy Metal, New Wave Of Asian Heavy Metal band from Bangkok, Thailand. The band consists of Hitomi – Vocals, Masa – Guitar, Hassy – Bass and Hiro – Drums.

When NACARBIDE contacted Project Metal Music via email about week ago, asking if I was interested in doing a review of their album Lots Of Eyes. We got on talking, and I said the best way for me to do a review is to send the album via either dropbox or Google Drive, so they sent it over, and here we are.

Now at first, when I put on the album, I wasn’t particularly struck by the vocalist, as they were doing some high end vocals, but over time as I listened to the album, I started to like the style that they were doing, and with the genre of music that the band are doing, it works.

The tracks that I like are: Edge Of Life, Dawning, Deceiving Me and the title track Lots Of Eyes. Overall I enjoyed the album, as it rocked.

If you are into the Heavy Metal genre and are liking for a new band to get into, you should go and check NACARBIDE out, you can find them on Facebook.

I would give NACARBIDE and the album Lots Of Eyes a definite 4 out of 5 a pretty good band and album.

Project Metal Music

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