Witchnight: Unholy Speed Metal EP Review

Witchnight are a Speed Black Metal band from Santa Fe, Argentina. The band consists of The Bütcher: Vocals / Bass, Axe Steeler: Guitars and Ripping Corpse: Drums.

When I put the EP Unholy Speed Metal on, I was thinking what it was going to be like, and when I listened to a good four or five times I became a fan of Witchnight.

Up first on this four track EP is Witch’s Night. this offering is one hell of an opener, as it has got some brilliant guitars, as Axe Steeler does some amazing riffs and shredding on Witch’s Night.

Die By The Blade is up next, this song follows on from Witch’s Night with the riffing and shredding, in addition to the guitars the drumming from Ripping Corpse is brilliant as it drives the song along.

Slut Of Hell is next and this could be a Speed Metal classic as it is all the elements of the genre, and I this is a favourite of mine and will be laying on Project Metal Across The Pond radio show on Digital Revolution Radio.

Plantificado La Muerte is the last track off the EP. The intro of the song is brilliant as The Bütcher does a brilliant bass riff, which sets the song up perfectly, as Axe Steeler takes over with some awesome riffing on the guitar, this is another favourite track from Witchnight.

Overall the Unholy Speed Metal EP is properly good and I would recommend anyone who is into the Speed Metal genre to go and check out Witchnight on their Facebook page.

I would give Witchnight and their EP a definite 4.5 out of 5, this is totally amazing EP.

Project Metal Music.

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