Boneyard: Below Mediocrity EP Review

Boneyard are a Evil/Black Rock n Roll, Speed Metal and are from Athens Greece. The band consists of Teethsmasher : Vocals, Defouler : Bass and The Chatterer : Guitars

When Boneyard sent me the Below Mediocrity EP, I did a bit of research on the band, and when I saw that they were a Speed Metal band and I was, OK, Speed Metal is one of my favorite genres of metal.

As I started to listen to the EP, I was like OK, this sounds interesting. After a few listens to the EP, I was found to be liking the tracks and the band. On some of the tracks, the vocals seemed to be echo, but I don’t know if they didn’t have the money to do it better or they wanted to record the vocals, but came to like the vocals.

The first song that is on the EP is Your New Home Is The Ground. At first, the intro put me off, as it reminded me somewhat of Ska, but after a few seconds it delved straight into Speed Metal, the guitars are brilliant and the drums are superb.

Witchcraft Initiation is up next, well this track reminded me of the early 80’s Speed Metal scene, which grew up on. This track is one of my favourites off the EP. as this has the D.I.Y. feel in its recording.

Unholy Truths is the third track, the drumming on this is brilliant and couple that with the guitars riffage, this is a brilliant track to listen and headbang to. Taking Over is the next track, this follows on from Unholy Truths in it ferocity in the drums and guitars.

Decibel Rebel is the last track off the Below Mediocrity EP, this is another track that is a favourites, throughout the EP there is an aggression that is uncompromising, and it all culminates with Decibel Rebel, this is Speed Metal at it’s best.

If you like the Speed Metal genre and you are a fan of it from the 80’s I would recommend that you go and check Boneyard out on their Facebook page.

I would give this EP a definite 4 out 5, for a good solid EP and taking me back to the 80’s.

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