Frost Giant: The Harlot Star Album Review

Frost Giant are a Metal, Folk Metal and Epic Metal band from Philadelphia, PA, USA. The band consists of Matti Frost – lead vocals, rhythm guitar, Scott Breustedt – rhythm and lead guitars, Ty Asoudegan – rhythm and lead guitars, Ian Bainbridge – bass, backing vocals and Armen Kohroglian – drums.

Over the last few weeks, on and off, I have been listening to The Harlot Star album, I have played some of the tracks on my radio show Project Metal Across Pond With Ell Yong and my segment on The Rock Casserole. I have come to like Frost Giant and their album The Harlot Star.

The Harlot Star album consists of eleven tracks, starting off with the title song The Harlot Star, Forgive Me Not, Apostasis, Curse of Doubt, An Exile in Storm, Prisoner of the Past, Ashes Among The Earth, The Forgotten Graves, Of Clarity and Regret, Monuments to Nothing, and the album closes out with Perpetuum et Aeternum.

Over the course of the album, there are track that I have found that I liked, they are The Harlot Star, this is a brilliant intro to the album as this is has got hints of Prog Metal on the guitars and in the overall structure the song.

Forgive Me Not is the next track that I like as this is heavy as hell in the vocals, drums and guitars and is completely different to The Harlot Star. Curse Of Doubt is up next, like Forgive Me Not with its heaviness it has some softer parts to the song that I like, and it shows that the band can change from one style to another.

An Exile In Storm is a very good example of how Frost Giant can do vocal harmonies in the Folk genre of music. Prisoner of the Past is up next, I like this track for its piano intro, as it has that Folk element to it, as it has an accordion accompaniment which is awesome, and I can definitely rock out to this track.

The Forgotten Graves is next this has to be one of my all time favourites of Frost Giant, as this track is over 10 minutes long, it has some amazing guitars and drumming on this and the vocals are brilliant. You need to hear this track!!

Of Clarity and Regret follows on from The Forgotten Graves with its intensity, the vocals are a bit more brutal and its the same with the guitars and drumming. Monuments To Nothing is up next and this is the second longest track on the album coming it at just over 9 minutes long, this is another track that is on favourites list.

Some of the tracks this album are acoustic arrangements and these are really good fillers on the album as they drive the album from track to track.

I would highly recommend that you go and check out Frost Giant on their Facebook page and YouTube channel, as this band is absolutely brilliant.

I would give Frost Giant and The Harlot Star album a 5 out of 5 for a stunning album.

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