Dead South Dealers: Walk Through The Line Album Review

Dead South Dealers are a Hard Rock, Heavy Rock, Southern Rock band from Athens, Greece. The band consists of Vocals: Pavlos Kroustis, Guitar: Vaggelis Tsimpinos, Guitar: George Tsoufantaris, Bass: Nikos Tsimpinos and Drums: Basilis Kyp.

When I put this album on I wasn’t to sure about it, but after a few listens of Walk Through The Line album I started to like it, to the point where (just to judge the feeling of the rockers and metallers), I played a couple of songs on the Project Metal Across The Pond Will Ell Yong radio show. The response from the listeners was that they liked Dead South Dealers.

The songs that have impressed me on this album are: Note To Self, D.S.D., Lost Within Time pretty good acoustic guitar at the beginning, Wrong Cargo, Walk Through The Line this is an acoustic track with electric guitars, this songs demonstrates the versatility of the band that shows that they can go from one genre to another and back again with ease. Keep ’em Coming this is a very good hard rock track with some good vocals from Pavlos Kroustis and some really good musicianship from the rest of the band. Fairies Of The Swamp is a Southern Rock song with some Hard Rock overtones and is a really good solid song and if you like the Southern Rock genre you’ll going to love this song.

Over the course of a good few listens of this Walk Through The Line album, I have come to really like Dead South Dealers and what they have created here on this album, and I will play some of the tracks on on the radio show Project Metal Across The Pond. I would highly recommend that you go and check out this band on their Facebook page.

I would give Dead South Dealers and the album Walk Through The Line a definite 4.5 out of 5 for a brilliant album.

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