Prostitution: Egyptian Blue EP Review

Prostitution are a Progressive Black Metal band out of Brooklyn, New York, USA. The band consists of bassist Jesse Adelson, drummer Jason Spence, and guitarist Russ Cowen. When I had a look on their Facebook page (I normally do when I do a little bit of research on a band), I found that all three band members sing, but Adelson is the lead singer for the band.

Egyptian Blue is a three track EP, and after listening to it a good few times that I must say that Prostitution is a brilliant band for creating this EP.

The first song that is up on the EP is Hypergiant, tis is a brilliant song that kicks off the EP as it has some brutal guitars and drums and the vocals are really good and on point.

The Boat is up next, this track is the shortest track off the EP, coming in at nearly five minutes long, this song follows on from Hypergiant in it brutality, but has some sweet guitar parts to it, as in pinched harmonics in the cord changes.

Elevated Droves is the last track off the EP and is the longest track coming in at over eight minutes, I totally love this track as it has flow of a progressive metal track and the brutality of black metal and this the reason why like it, as it has soaring parts to the guitars and quickly changes into some brutal black metal.

Now, Egyptian Blue is one hell of an EP, and I would highly recommend that you go and check out Prostitution and their EP, you can find them on their Facebook page. I would gladly play Prostitution on my radio show, Project Metal Across The Pond With Ell Yong, on Digital Revolution Radio.

I would this EP a definite 4.5 out of 5, totally love the guitars and drums on this EP

Project Metal Music

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