Bury The Machines: Wicked Covenant EP Review

Bury The Machines are a Stoner Metal band from Los Angeles, USA. The band consists of John E Bomher, Jr. – obscenities, guitar, bass, synth and vox. Mark Serpico, Jr. – drums.

When I started this review of Bury The Machines and did a little research on the band, I recognized that of the band members of Bury The Machines is John Bomher and he is in another band that I reviewed a while back, that band is I Klatus.

Now if you like Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath and such other bands, you’ll gonna like Bury The Machines. As I started to listen to the Wicked Covenant EP, I was like OK, what you got.

The first track up is Beneath My Wrath. Now this is a eleven and a half minutes long, and with this song I can see that they have a lot of riffs on this and also they is a heavy prog and doom influence on this track that is brilliant.

A Victim’s Tears is up next, now this track follows on from Beneath My Wrath with the heavy guitars and riffs. This is one of my favourite tracks off this three song EP, as this I could chill out to.

The last is up next. The song is called Waterweapon, this starts out with a mournful piano and with John on vocals it sets up the rest of this track perfectly, as some heavy guitars and some awesome drumming from Mark kick in. Waterweapon is another favourite track off the EP.

After I have listened to Wicked Covenant EP several times, I have to admit that this EP is really good, from its start to it finish, I was enthralled with it.

I would highly recommend you go and check out Bury The Machines on their Facebook page as they are true masters of what they do.

I would give Bury The Machines’ EP a 4.5 out of 5, a brilliant EP.

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