Project Metal Across The Pond

On this weeks Project Metal Across The Pond with Ell Yong, I’ll be playing, Emerson Lake & Palmer, Atonement Theory, Dbury, Next Bullet, Led Zeppelin, The Black Heart Gospel, Leo & Stine Marocchioli, Kalopsia, NOSTOC, Butcher Babies, AC/DC, Crimson Tide, Dean James & The Black Dogs, PussyWillowFurryVenus, Spiderbait, Sepultura, Cavina, Calligram, Powerwolf and Rainbow (RJD era), if I have time, I’ll add more tracks.

This weeks double is by a band called Kalopsia, I’ll be playing two tracks from their album Angelplague.

This week I will be doing a tribute to Malcolm Young of AC/DC, with his passing last weekend, I will be doing a triple shot of AC/DC.


After my show finishes, our own Jeff Dbury from The Rock Casserole will on from 7pm EST he will be on doing Dbury’s Rock Revolution All Indie Special, so tune in, and rock out.

The show starts at 5pm EST, only on Digital Revolution Radio. Come and join the party and do some serious headbanging.



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