The Modern Age Slavery: Stygian Album Review

The Modern Age Slavery is a Death Metal band from Reggio Emilia, Italy and is was  formed in 2007. The band consists of Box- Vocals, Cocco – Guitar, Ludo – Guitar, Mibbe – Bass and Fede – Drums.

Over the last few months I have been getting sent a lot of Death Metal bands, and when I got The Modern Age Slavery through, I thought OK, what have you got to offer?

When I put on the album on, I was like OK, the first track Prelude To An Evolution is only 55 seconds, but it sets the album up brilliantly. The album continues with The Reprisal Within, which is an amazing song, it has, overall an awesome sound, brilliant riffs and the vocals are on point and really sets the song up being an absolute brilliant track.

With Miles Apart is the next offering, this song follows on from The Reprisal Within, for being amazingly brutal, and has some brutally brilliant drums on this track and has some sweet guitars.

The Theory Of Shadows, by the Metal Gods this is one hell of track, it has that epicness and brutality all rolled up in one package. Up next is The Place We Call Home this has a Thrash feel to it with guitars, and couple that with the Death Metal drums and growls, it is awesome and is one of my favourite tracks off the Stygian album.

A Stygian Tide is one of those track start off slow but it builds up to where it will pound brain to mush with its heaviness and coral elements, this track is another one of my favourites. The Hollow Men is next, and if you are into the technical side of Death Metal you’ll love this track as it has some intricate guitar and drumming in parts of the song.

Regression Through Unlearning is the penultimate song off the album and is really good track as it has melodic feel to it, and it has low and louder vocals on parts of the song, as this will make you sit up and really listen to the track, and it is a brilliant transitions between the different vocal styles on the song.

Sandblasted Skin (Pantera cover) this is the last track off the album and as the track is a Pantera cover I thought OK, what have you got for me with this? As it started off, I was blown away with it as The Modern Age Slavery have done an amazing job in covering this track. Spot on guys.

When I first put this album on I was immediately impressed and throughout the album by the sheer talent of the band. I would highly recommend everyone to go and check out The Modern Age Slavery and their Stygian album. You can find them on their Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages.

I would give The Modern Age Slavery a 5 out of 5, as this has to be one of the best Death Metal albums that I have heard this year.

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