Crohm: Humanity Album Review

Crohm is a Heavy Metal and Thrash band from Aosta, Valle D’Aosta, Italy. The band consists of Sergio Fiorani – Lead vocal, Claudio Zac Zanchetta – Lead guitar, background vocal, Riccardo Taraglio – Bass, background vocal, Diego Zambon – Rhythm guitar and Fabio Cannatà – Drums.

As I listening to the album Humanity from Crohm, I am very impressed with this offering from these Italian Metallers. This album Humanity is really good from start to finish, as it well written and preformed by the band.

The tracks that I like is all of them, as there isn’t a bad one on the album, but the ones that really stand are Alien, The Call, Nothing Else Insatiable these songs are slow offerings from the band but it shows the versatility of the band when it comes to song writing, Lost Soul totally love the guitars on this track as it drives the song along perfectly. 

Fields Painted Red tells the story of warriors on the battle field and never surrendering to the enemy and couple that with some awesome guitar work, this makes this song stand out for me. The Noise Of Silence totally love the bass line on this track from start to finish.

Run For Your Life (The Escape), this 6 minute acoustic track is pretty phenomenal I would highly recommend that you check this track out as this is another track that showcases the band’s talents.

The final track off the Humanity album is Town After Town, this track is in the old school thrash genre of metal and Crohm have taken that genre and brought it up to date with this song.

Overall Crohm is one hell of a band, they have pretty much created a master piece in this offing and I would highly recommend that people go and check these guys out on their Facebook and on their website.

I would give Crohm and their album Humanity a 5 out of 5 for being very creative.

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