Nightbreak: Wicked Angel Album Review

Nightbreak are a Hard Rock , Metal , Sleaze , Glam, Retro , Classic Rock. The band is based in New York City, The Bronx, USA.

A few weeks back, like I normally do on a Sunday I was listening to The Rock Casserole. This is the radio that I first came across Nightbreak, as Jeff and Lizzie Dbury played them, and when Jeff message me on Facebook that he put me forward to do a review of the Wicked Angel album.

When the band sent me through the album tracks, I started to listen to it, and from what I have heard, I was impressed with it. There is some tracks that stood out for me, there are Wicked Angel, Beat It, Long Way Down and Missing You.

The first track that came on is the title song, Wicked Angel. I like the way they use the guitars on this song, as there is some really good riffs, and there is some amazing drumming.

Now over the years I have heard a load of cover versions of Beat It (by Michael Jackson), in this version by Nightbreak, they done the song justice, to the degree, that they, may I say, improved on it, with some faster guitars and drumming. And the singer has done the vocals perfectly on Beat It.

Long Way Down I totally love the guitars and drumming on this track as it sets Todd’s vocals off superbly, I could quite happily listen to this track all day. The last track that impressed me is Missing You, this track like Long Way Down, has some awesome guitars, which sets the song up brilliantly.

I would highly recommend that you go and check Nightbreak out, you can find them on Facebook.

I would give Nightbreak and their album Wicked Angel a 4.5 out of 5 for a really awesome album

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