Crease: Westgarth Social Club Middlesborough Gig Review

When I first heard of Crease, was in March of 2016, when they supported Dean James when he released his first album Pure. I have been following them ever since. And over the last few weeks I have been following the posts of Crease on Facebook. And when they posted about that they did their first album called The Everglades and were going to do a launch gig at Westgarth Social Club in Middlesborough, I wasn’t planning on going to the gig as it is easy to get to Middlesborough by train but difficult to get back.

Now a very good friend of Project Metal Music contacted me via Facebook, asking if I was interested in going to this gig, as he was offering me a lift down to Middlesborough from Sunderland, and I said count me in, as I would love to see these guys again.

So, September 23rd came and I was getting excited to see Crease. As we got to the venue, unfortunately we missed three bands, but we caught Swears and Crease.


Now this band, I haven’t heard before, so I was interested in what they had to offer. As they started their set, I was thinking that these were pretty good, they were a rock band from Middlesborough, UK. As they went through their set I could hear some influences from Foo Fighters, Queens Of The Stone Age and Nirvana.

Over the course of the set the songs that the band were playing were really good, but the songs were starting to sound a bit generic and sounding like the influences that I mentioned. Don’t get me wrong I really like this band, but I thought they would have a bit more gusto in there song choices.


This is the band that I came to see, and I have been waiting for over eighteen months to see Crease, and they didn’t disappoint.

They started off their set with the play through of the entirety of The Everglades album. The songs on the album are: Headonize, Amoeba, This Ride, Not Yet, Julie, Hanging Around and Fidget. Well what can I say, this first part of their set was absolutely brilliant, this album that they have created is top notch and they performed it brilliantly.

The second half of the set, was really good, as they did a lot of covers, from Slade with their song Coz I  Love You, to Deftones and others. Also the second was very Psychedelic in parts, as this made me think of the Sixties and Seventies bands of that genre. In some parts of their set, I kept thinking of Frank Zappa.

If you are interested in hearing The Everglades by Crease, you can hear it on Spotify.

Had a brilliant night down in Middlesborough, watching some awesome bands, with some amazing friends. I would highly recommend that you go and check out these bands on their Facebook pages.

I would give Swears a 4 out of 5, they were a really good band

I would give Crease a 5 out of 5, awesome band that has produced an awesome album

Project Metal Music

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