Hivemind, Great Waves & Thieves Of Liberty: The Borough, Sunderland Gig Review

A few weeks ago, when I found out that Hivemind were putting a gig on at The Borough in Sunderland on the September 16th, I had to go see them as they had two support bands on Great Waves and Thieve Of Liberty. Now I haven’t seen Great Waves before so I was looking forward to seeing them and to see what they were like. I have seen Thieves Of Liberty before at Fitzgerald’s in Sunderland at the beginning of the year (click here for the review).

Thieves Of Liberty

This was my first chance in seeing this band in 8 months and from what I heard from them at this gig, they have really improved. Majority of their set was original material with some covers thrown in for good measure.

As they went through their set, they said that they were going to do a thing, a thing that when they started to play AC/DC’s Whole Lotta Rosie, the singer said that when the riff starts, shout Kieran (guitarist) in-between the opening riffs, and the crowd did. when they started Whole Lotta Rosie, I was thinking, Don’t mess this up, but I need not have worried as Thieves Of Liberty nailed it.

There was another cover done by the band, the song was What’s Up by the 4 Non Blondes, they also nailed this track as well.

The last two songs were up, and the singer said that these were going to tire out the drummer as they were heavy on the drums, as they started the songs I was watching the drummer and he did an amazing job. I need to see these guys again, when they do a set with more original material in it.

Great Waves

Now, I haven’t seen this band before, and I wanted to see what they were like. Great Waves are completely different to Thieves of Liberty and Hivemind in there music style.

As they started their set, I was thinking, OK this is different, they are an Indie Pop Rock outfit, now I don’t usually listen to Pop Rock become Great Waves are a really good band.

If they play Sunderland again, I will have to go see these guys again.


Well, what can I say about this band, that everytime I see Hivemind, they keep better and better.

When Hivemind kicked off their set they started off with Test Dream, which I haven’t heard before, and it was a really good song to kick off their set. Judge, Jury and Executioner was up next, which was amazing.

As they went through their set, they played Velvet Thunder and Gods & Guns which are my favourite songs by Hivemind. They also done Barely Breathing, Sweet Sixteen, Wicked Games, Right From Wrong, House Of Mirrors, Bad Disease and Riot Envy.

Now their last song Riot Envy came after B-Type did a song with them. Riot Envy is fast becoming a favourite of mine, as it has some amazing guitar work from Steve, thunderous bass from James, Jack on drums is awesome and Lauren is brilliant on vocals as has hugely improved since I first saw Hivemind back in June of 2016 at O2 academy in Newcastle.

I would give Thieves Of Liberty a 4.5 out of 5 for covering AC/DC flawlessly.

I would give Great Waves a 4 out of 5 they generally might not my cup of tea but I wouldn’t mind going to see guys again.

I would give Hivemind a 5 out of 5 absolute superb show as usual

I would highly recommend that you go and see these guys or check them out on the Facebook pages.

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