My Cold Poison & Ledfoot: The Borough Sunderland Gig Review

When a local promoter messaged me on Facebook about a gig that he was putting on I had to go and see what he had in store. The musicians that played the gig at The Borough in Sunderland was My Cold Poison (aka John Lowdon) and Ledfoot (aka Tim Scott McConnell).

When I got to The Borough, the place was about half full, but that was due to I was early (like I normally am when I go to a gig). As I got myself a drink, I got on talking to Len Lennox (the Promoter), he was telling me that these two guys were awesome to listen to, he also told me that Ledfoot had a song covered by Bruce Springsteen in 1996.

My Cold Poison

The first singer up was Rob Lowdon, he went under the stage name of My Cold Poison. As he started his set got to the end of the first song, one of his strings snapped, luckily one of the people who just came in when he started had an acoustic guitar and said very kindly that he could use it.

Well he started again with the new guitar and played a blinder of a set. On some of the songs he used a harmonica. When I was listening to him play I could hear elements of Punk in some of his songs.

If you like acoustic rock or musicians and if you get the chance to go see My Cold Poison, go see him, as he is really good.


Now, what can I say about Ledfoot, I can say that this guy is totally amazing. He created a whole new genre called Gothic Blues. From the start of his set to the end he mesmerized the audience and they were hanging off every word that he was singing.

He was using a 12 string acoustic guitar with a porcelain slide and steel picks, plus he also used a stomp box on the majority of the songs that he did. As he went through his set, he said that this particular track that he done, he usually doesn’t use a mic when he sings it, when he sang the song, everyone took a step forward to hear him and this made for a more intimate setting, and the crowd loved it.

As Ledfoot finished his set, people were shouting for more, and Ledfoot obliged by doing a couple more songs for an encore.

After he finished,he went around the crowd and took time out to talk to them and even took some photos with them. If you like Gothic Blues or Blues in general, you should go and check Ledfoot out or even go and see him live if you get the chance.

I would give this gig a a 5 out of 5 Len put on one hell of a gig

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