Reece: Ignited Album Review

Reece are a Rock band from Caerphilly, Wales. The band consists of Rob Reece – Vocals & Bass Guitar, Jon Davies – Guitars & Backing Vocals and Russ Rogers – Drums & Percussion.

Over the last year or so, I have been following Reece, ever since I did a review for their E.P. Noisebox.

When Rob Reece contacted me on Facebook, to see if I was up to doing a review for their new album Ignited, I said, I would love to. When he sent me a copy of the album, I was thinking, OK, From what Noisebox was like, Ignited is going to be really good. When I put the album on I wasn’t disappointed.

On some of the tracks from the album are, from what I can hear they have some Prog Rock elements to them, I can hear hints of Marillion (Steve Hogarth era), especially on the singing, and on some of the tracks there is a little bit of Southern Rock elements.

As I have listened to Ignited a couple of times now, the tracks that stood out for me are Save Us, Falling Down, Hold On, Lost in Translation this is a brilliant acoustic track.

The title track Ignited and is the first single off the album, damn this song is brilliant, I can see why they chose it to be the single, and it has some sweet guitars and drums and the vocals from Rob are on point.

Meltdown has that dirty guitar vibe to it, which I like. Wasteland is the last track that I like, as it is has that overall brilliance, as it has riffage and powerful drums and excellent vocals.

Like I said earlier, I have been following Reece for some time now, and I can see why I like this band and why I am following them, the quality of the Ignited album is top notch. Now, If you love the Rock, you will love Reece and I would highly recommend that you go and check them out either on their Facebook page or on their website, you will not be disappointed.

I would give Reece and the album Ignited a 5 of of 5 for an awesome album, as it got me nodding my head and tapping my feet.

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