Psy:code: MØRKE Album Review

Psy:code are a Metal band from Amager and Copenhagen, Denmark. The band consists of Schou – Vocals, SteiN – Guitar, JezpR – Guitar, Dag – Bass and Gøtsche – Drums.

When I put Psy:code’s MØRKE album I was like, OK, this guys are good. From the get go, from the first track Leech to the last The Strain, they are in your face, and wanting to make your ears bleed from the brutality of the guitars to the drums.

These following track that really stood out for me, they are: Leech, Ghost Of You, Riven, Iskolde Ojne, these first few are an all out in your face metal tracks that you can headbang to.

Paralyzed is a chill out track and it shows the band that they can write a song other than out and out metal. The Sky Is Broken follows on from Paralyzed, but it is set a more metal soundtrack which is brilliant.

Introspective, is more melodic in its overall sound which is awesome. Mountains is a out and out metal onslaught from the get go. The Monument, is a brutal track with the drums and the guitars as this track will pummel your brain out of your ears.

After listening to this album a few times now, I must say, that these guys are brilliant, they can go from one genre of metal to another with ease, they can go from all out metal, to more of a ballad metal to everything else in between. I would highly recommend people to go and check Psy:Code out either on their Facebook page or their Website, or on their YouTube channel you will not be disappointed.

I would definitely give Psy:code a 4.5 out of 5 for being superb musicians.

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