Travel Amygdala: Regeneration E.P. Review

Travel Amygdala are a Progressive Rock, Grunge and Metal band from Revere, MA, USA. The band consists of Josh Jackiewicz- Bass, Vocals, Derek Jackiewicz- Keyboards, Vocals, Joshua Catanzaro – Guitar, Ian Decoteau- Guitar/Backing Vocals
and Aaron Bugden- Drums.

Every day I check the emails for Project Metal Music, to see if there is any messages. so today I checked them and sure enough there was a couple of messages, one of those was from Travel Amygdala. I read the email, and I thought OK, this band seems interesting, so I started to listen to the three track E.P. called Regeneration. I am glad that I did open that email and listen to the E.P. as Travel Amygdala and their offering Regeneration is amazing.

Up first is Godzygdala this track is the quintessence Metal track but with some Prog Rock guitars and keys which is a brilliant combination, and coupled that with Derek’s vocals and it makes an amazing song.

Hollow is next, love the bass line at the start of this song and the drumming and guitars on this song is superb as they will pound you into submission with their sheer brutality and savagery, this has to be must listen to track. Invisible is the last track off the E.P. Now this song is awesome as this brings Prog Rock, Grunge and Metal together superbly.

Now if you Prog Rock, Grunge and Metal you will like Travel Amygdala. and I would highly recommend that you go and check them out either on their Facebook, Twitter and Bandcamp pages or even on their YouTube channel.

I would definitely give Travel Amygdala a 4.5 out of 5 for a totally brilliant E.P.

Project Metal Music

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